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Don't just plant trees - plant rainforest trees or protect the remaining rainforest!

You now have the great opportunity to contribute to the conservation of our planet, the rainforest and the species and habitat there. Officially and according to the law we can offer you protection for 15 years. In reality, however, according to Costa Rican law, this area may now never be returned to deforested land and we stand for that! For each purchase you will receive a certificate.

Help us to sustainably protect the rainforest there and to give animals back the habitat we have destroyed for them. We plant for you two trees per 20sqm or protect existing rainforest of at least 20sqm.

PS: Tree plantations only make sense if you get enough space and therefore enough light, so we plant one tree per 10sqm and protect it until it reaches a certain size. The rainforest system is complex and it needs special knowledge to rebuild it in a species-appropriate way. We plant and protect in a micro way to help this ecosystem to grow as fast as possible. Tree growth in Costa Rica is at least 3x faster than in most other regions of the world, so we save CO2 faster and bring the ecosystem back to life faster.


If you are a company:

Please ask us for special units for tree planting or rainforest protection. We will be happy to advise you and also provide you with a high-profile marketing package.

Phone: +49 179 1090078


Price Options
One-time purchase
2 Trees a month
Help us recreate the sloths habitat
€36.00every month until canceled
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